What are the best concrete pool coatings?

The allure of a pristine swimming pool, with its clear water and inviting surface, is undeniably strong, especially during the sweltering summer days. But behind the sparkling blue is an often overlooked hero: the pool coating. For concrete pools, which remain a perennial favourite for their durability and versatility, the choice of coating is critical, not just for aesthetics but for extending the life of the pool. This article delves into the best concrete pool coatings available, helping you make an informed decision for a stunning and long-lasting swimming haven.


The Purpose of Pool Coatings

At its core, a pool coating shields the concrete from constant exposure to water and chemicals. It prevents the leaching of concrete materials into the pool, which can cloud the water and degrade the structure. Aesthetically, coatings can transform a collection from a basic system to a backyard oasis, with colours and textures that mimic natural environments. Moreover, an adequately coated pool is easier to clean and can maintain hygienic conditions by preventing the growth of algae and bacteria.


Types of Concrete Pool Coatings

Concrete pool coatings come in several types, each with its benefits.

Plaster-based coatings are the traditional choice. White plaster is economical and offers a classic look, but it can be prone to staining and has a shorter lifespan. Coloured application adds hues and shades, giving more room for customization, but also carries similar vulnerabilities.

Paint-based coatings provide a wide range of colours and are generally easier to apply. Epoxy paint is durable and resistant to chemical damage, making it a long-lasting option. Rubber-based colour is less common but offers high elasticity, which is helpful in variable climates. Acrylic paint, while not as durable as epoxy, is easy to apply and reapply, and it dries quickly.

Aggregate coatings include polished and exposed aggregate, both of which create a textured, slip-resistant surface that is also visually appealing. These coatings are incredibly durable and can last for decades with proper maintenance.

Ceramic and glass tile coatings are at the high end of pool coatings, providing unmatched durability and the most customizable options for aesthetics. They do, however, come with a higher price tag and require a skilled professional for installation.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pool Coating

When selecting a pool coating, several factors should be taken into account:

  • Durability and longevity: How long do you expect the layer to last before it needs renewal?
  • Maintenance requirements: Consider how much effort you will put into maintaining the surface.
  • Climate and weather resistance: Ensure the coating can withstand local weather conditions.
  • Aesthetic preferences: What look are you aiming to achieve?
  • Budget considerations: Weigh the upfront costs against the expected lifespan and maintenance costs.
  • Safety aspects: Prioritize slip-resistant options to ensure user safety.


Comparing the Best Concrete Pool Coatings

Evaluating the best pool coatings involves a balance of benefits and limitations. Plaster is cost-effective for initial installation but may require more frequent resurfacing. Epoxy paints are recognized for their resistance to chemicals and UV rays, yet they can be costly and need professional application. Aggregate surfaces, while initially more expensive, reduce long-term costs with their remarkable longevity.

Each type of coating has unique aesthetic and functional qualities. For instance, a homeowner may prefer the smooth finish of plaster or the reflective beauty of glass tiles, depending on the desired pool experience.


Installation and Maintenance of Pool Coatings

While the prospect of a DIY project may tempt some pool owners, professional installation is often recommended for most coatings to ensure durability and proper application. Maintenance varies by coating type; plaster may require acid washing every few years, while tile might only need routine cleaning and occasionally repair a loose piece.


Innovations and Trends in Pool Coatings

Eco-friendly coatings are gaining traction in the market, with options that are less taxing on the environment during manufacturing and use. Energy-efficient coatings, such as those that reflect sunlight to keep the pool water cooler, are also emerging. The industry is continuously innovating, with advancements in materials and technology that promise even more durable, sustainable, and attractive coatings.



The best concrete pool coating aligns with your needs, budget, and preferences. Whether it’s the classic simplicity of plaster, the resilience of epoxy paint, or the luxury of tile, the right choice ensures a pool that’s not only a joy to behold but also a pleasure to maintain. By considering the factors outlined, pool owners can make a selection that stands the test of time, delivering endless summers of poolside enjoyment.

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November 7, 2023 1:53 pm