Concrete Polishing

Give Your Concrete Surface an Immaculate Glow with Concrete Polishing Services.

Concrete is a sorely misunderstood material that is thought to only be structurally functional. While there are many instances of these gritty, bare, and cracked surfaces existing, there is an untold potential waiting to be unlocked with the right treatment.

Ontario Specialty Coatings offers concrete polishing services that can bring out the very best in your older/ tired concrete surfaces. With a few detailed passes from diamond-grinding machines, the old built-up debris and mortar will be ripped apart to reveal a shimmering surface underneath. These passes vary in intensity and detail, depending on the level of reflectance desired for your surface. Afterward, hardening and sealing chemicals will then be added to finalize and strengthen the creation. Whether it is for residential, commercial, or industrial space, the resulting surface comes with the durability of concrete topped with a glass-like sheen.

No need to pay for marble or other precious stones in order to set the tone of cleanliness; get the best of both worlds with a polished concrete floor.

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Polished Conrete Garage
Close Up of Polished Concrete

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