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Kitchener | Concrete Resurfacing

We’re proud to serve the Kitchener area for all their Epoxy Flooring and Rubber Surfacing needs. Unlike general contractors, our skilled tradesmen are specialized in applying each system. Our extensive hands-on training keeps our tradesmen ready to make your space beautiful.

Avoid the sloppy jack-of-all-trades results by requesting an accurate estimate today for a timely job done right the first time.

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Epoxy Flooring

If you need a stylish and seamless floor you can't go wrong with epoxy solutions. We have tested systems for a variety of design requirements. From our stylish Epoxy Flooring to our grippy Quartz Epoxy Flooring solutions, we have a system to fit your needs. Our tradesmen can handle any job - No matter the square footage.

indoors opaque epoxy flooring

Kitchener Opaque Epoxy Flooring

With over one hundred colour options, our Opaque Epoxy Flooring system is the first choice for many projects. Perfect for office and clean-room environments, our tradesmen can use silica sand in the epoxy for a more secure workplace.

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Flake epoxy flooring

Kitchener Flake Epoxy Flooring

Do you want a classic Flake Epoxy Floor? Our tradesmen can add a numerous collection of hue chips to get the familiar design you're looking for.This system is ideal for obligation movement regions such as, passageway, schools, cafeterias, clean rooms, and research facilities.

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Quartz epoxy flooring

Kitchener Quartz Epoxy Flooring

A Quartz Epoxy Flooring system is ideal when your area requires grip. Our tradesmen can add a combination of hued quartz, allowing for a stylish finish when a stable footing is a priority.

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Playground with rubber surfacing ground

Kitchener Rubber Surfacing

If a fall resistant surface is what you're looking for then you're in the right place. Our Rubber Surfacing systems can be installed indoors and outdoors. Its durable and non-slip surface makes it a great choice for your pool or playground. With multiple colours and blends available, our tradesmen will have no issue matching the project's look.

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Playground with rubber surfacing ground

Kitchener Epoxy Garage Floor Installers

Ontario Speciality Coatings in Kitchener, are renowned for transforming garages with durable, attractive epoxy flooring. Their skilled professionals deliver top-quality installations, ensuring each floor is resistant to wear, stains, and harsh weather. With a focus on customer satisfaction, they offer customized solutions that enhance any garage's functionality and appearance. Trust Kitchener's experts for a garage floor that combines lasting strength with aesthetic appeal.

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Kitchener Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Discover the excellence of Ontario Specialty Coating – Your premier destination for unmatched commercial epoxy flooring solutions in Kitchener, Ontario. Boasting profound expertise in offering high-quality, resilient, and attractive epoxy flooring, we cater to a broad spectrum of commercial enterprises in Kitchener and its vicinities. Our commitment to outstanding quality and cutting-edge solutions positions us as pioneers in the epoxy flooring sector, guaranteeing that your commercial environments are both operational and fashionable.

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Commercial Epoxy Flooring
Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Kitchener Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Your reliable ally for unmatched industrial epoxy flooring solutions in Kitchener. Boasting years of experience in providing top-tier, resilient, and visually stunning epoxy flooring, we serve diverse sectors throughout Ontario and beyond. Our dedication to outstanding quality and forward-thinking innovation sets us apart as frontrunners in the industry, guaranteeing that your premises are both efficient and aesthetically pleasing.

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